Green Energy
Powering our innovations

At MSIP we offer the supply of low carbon energy options, delivered from sustainable sources. With wind, steam and solar energy, there are different options for different needs.

The benefits of this to those that chose to locate here are clear. As well as being cost effective, most of the capital-intensive energy infrastructure required to have this already exists or is currently being put in place by us. Meaning you can access green and sustainable energy, at no additional cost to your business.

This green energy offer is an attractive asset that can be utilised best by those that have significant electricity or heat requirements. If that is you, come and join us at MSIP.

Wind Turbines

Low carbon electricity is available via on-site wind generation through two wind turbines owned and operated by Ecotricity. These have the potential to deliver a significant reduction in the unit cost of electricity, compared to direct purchase from the Grid.


Steam and Electrical Power

The neighbouring MEB Energy from Waste plant is configured to provide sustainable heat to MSIP through a steam pipeline, with a backup heat source provided to cover during outage periods of the MEB plant. Further options for this can also be explored based upon specific requirements.

Solar Power

As well as offering extensive space, several of our workshops offer the opportunity to place solar panels on the roof to generate power.

By placing lenses on the large roof areas of these workshops, you can convert sunlight energy into electricity, indirectly using the concentrated solar power and create an electric current.

Solar power generation at MSIP offers another energy source that is much more cost effective than alternative sources and fits well within the green and sustainable energy options we have.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are active in reducing the carbon impact of industrial processes and premises and improving energy productivity.

The green and sustainable energy supply fits with what we want to achieve, a low carbon future that has sustainable solutions to the environmental problems of today.

Further optimisation of our renewable energy is continually being explored.

"The green energy options available at MSIP play a key role in delivering Scotland’s promise of a net-zero society by 2045."
Greig Coull, CEO, MSIP
A proud partnership